Eliana Brooks

Eliana Brooks is a founding board member of Warrior Bride Ministries (WBM), which is committed to partnering with God to walk out healing for the body of Christ, especially those who have been victims of childhood sexual trauma. A fifteen-year victim of child sex trafficking and abuse, Eliana miraculously escaped the bonds of her captors and abusers. She specializes in rehabilitation of child sex trafficking victims under the age of 12 and is an expert in childhood sexual exploitation and satanic ritual abuse.


With in-depth study and hands on experience, she is co-writing her second book “The Will: Redeeming the Satanic Soldier” with WBM founder, Kelly Hawley. This will serve as a manual to equip those who feel called to minister to satanic ritual abuse survivors.

Thanks to the legislation made by our previous administration, child sex trafficking victims have the hope of being rescued. Eliana’s passion is to see these children healed and whole with the forever families they deserve. This is the foundation of WBM’s vision; to build an inclusive community that is trained to love them and walk with them through rehabilitation.


It is His greatest love given to us, to love others and love them well.