Pressley Stutts

Pressley Stutts is the leading grassroots activist in SC. He serves as Chairman of the SC TEA Party and is the chairman of the United Patriots Alliance.

Pressley is the oldest of 8 children from a lower-middle income family. He grew up in a small Midwestern town in Michigan, but was raised with Southern values as his grandfather moved from North Carolina to Michigan to find work in the auto industry after WWII. It was the best of two worlds where honor, integrity, hard work and a faith and trust in God helped mold his character.

As a retired Navy chaplain where he spent 22 of his 30-year career attached to the Marine Corps, Pressley understands that leadership starts with the willingness to serve others and by getting into the trenches on a daily basis.

With the recent rapid rise of socialism, fascism and communism in the United States, Pressley has dedicated the rest of his life to sounding the alarm against ANY tyranny which would bind Americans from their God-given potential and freedom.

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